Cast Your Pearls

Cast Your Pearls aims to bring a sense of normalcy back into the lives of each caregiver and cancer survivor by:

  • sending card to loved ones or colleagues letting them know that we are uniting with them in thoughts and prayers
  • providing support with groceries
  • providing support with gas for transportation
  • hosting Cast Your Pearl Honoree Benefit
  • hosting Cast Your Pearl Benefit to raise awareness on cold-cap therapy

Help us raise awareness for cold-cap therapy or scalp cooling
Help patients keep their hair and boost their self-esteem

A bald head is one of the most visible and devastating side effects of cancer treatment not due to vanity but because it is a constant reminder to the world of an illness some may prefer to deal with privately.  Cast Your Pearls is proud to report that hair loss may not be inevitable, thanks to an amazingly simple treatment called scalp cooling or cold-cap therapy that uses extreme cold to protect hair follicles from chemotherapy.

Hair loss from chemotherapy has often triggered depression, low self-esteem and a loss in hope.  Some women have even delayed their treatment or opted for less effective treatment to avoid the exposure of their illness to family, friends or co-workers.

The cost of the cold-cap is steep for cancer patients and not covered by insurance.

  • Donate & help us raise awareness
  • Donate & help Cast Your Pearls partner with hospitals and doctors to bring freezers to their facilities to support scalp cooling therapy
  • Donate & help Cast Your Pearls make cold-caps accessible to chemotherapy patients


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