You Make A Living By What You Get;
You Make A Life By What You Give” …Winston Churchill

  How it Began
In 2007 I woke up in the wee-hours of the morning with the name and vision for She Soars. After confirmation that this was the work I was always destined to do She Soars was born.
She Soars’ curricula are valued-based, strength-based and evidence-based. She Soars’ goal is to build moral intelligence amongst the young girls that participate in its program while creating and strengthening authentic relationships. As a mother responding to a great need within the educational system and the struggle to maintain moral integrity in today’s culture, the desire is to create programs to foster healthy choices and genuine friendships for my daughters and other young ladies who participate in She Soars’ programs and events.

With over a decade of experience working as the District President of a women ministry for 11 churches and having close friends that date back over three decades (Yes! 30 years), I know personally that it is therapeutic for females to connect with girlfriends who are genuine, loyal, trustworthy and nonjudgmental; who would allow them to tap back into that inner girl, have a fantastic time and giggle again. The question is if girls and women alike are all looking for the same qualities in a girlfriend, then why do some women struggle to find a girlfriend they can really connect with?

  She Soars has taken the

She Soars’ events (aka Soaring Events) creates an atmosphere that allows girls of all ages to have fun, discover their value, build their skills, and be challenged to reach their greatest potential; while celebrating, creating and cultivating great friendships through fun, games, workshops, big themed events and much more. At these Soaring Events one will bring their current girlfriends and gain the opportunity to meet new ones.

She Soars looks different, sounds different, and feels different. It casts a new vision for reaching and connecting women of all ages, one that is filled with fun, passion and enthusiasm. Watch young ladies tap back into their inner youth and reclaim the power to laugh over and over!

To date you’ll find She Soars conducting Soaring Events, teaching and reaching women of all ages at several group homes and foster care facilities, schools, community outreach centers churches etc; throughout the United States.
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