• 20 Feb 2020 12:12 PM | She Soars (Administrator)

    Searching for something? Can’t seem to find it then CREATE IT!  It is that simple.  Taking one day at a time, putting one step in front of the other and believing in yourself.  Start now on the thing that will change your tomorrow.  It's in you.  Make it happen. 

  • 26 Dec 2019 10:00 PM | She Soars (Administrator)

    As 2019 come to a close, lets celebrate our hard work and a job well done.

    We have closed out the year, we have survived and we are striving to do greater things at the turn of the New Year.

    Now as we roll into 2020, it is time to put our fingers on the pulse and check the health of our businesses (the good, the bad & the ugly).  This is our opportunity to make a year-end assessment of our accomplishments and to be active participants in taking responsibility of our own development plan. 

    What are the things we do really well and also those areas we struggle to man

    age or can improve upon.  Write the vision and make it plain. See You On The Other Side…we have great things in store for 2016.

    Your success partner & legacy builder

    She Soars

  • 13 Dec 2019 8:22 PM | She Soars (Administrator)

    Not returning a phone call, responding to an email or missing an appointment is a sure way to lose business, clients, funding or lucrative opportunities.  Everything that we do is about the relationship…building trust and mutual respect.  

    Doing the things we say we are going to do…when we say we are going to do them.  Our words and promises are worth more than our money.  Others want to know that they can depend on us and in the end; they will receive a product or service of substance.

    Show me a successful person and you will find someone who:

    •     Value and respect their prospects and clients
    •     Deliver as promise
    •     Follow-up, Follow-up & Follow-up

    Follow-up…It’s that simple.  Just curious, do you have any stories where “the follow-up” enhanced your customer/buying experience or where the lack of “follow-up” resulted in a deal breaker?

  • 14 Sep 2019 8:39 PM | She Soars (Administrator)

    ***My Cheerleader***

    While you are on your hustle, your grind, and committing yourself to Building A Lasting Legacy...there may come a time when you hit a wall.  A wall named procrastination, discouragement or distraction.  

    These are the emotions that sometimes sneak up on us and try to rob us of our dreams, aspirations, goals and desires.  It is emotions like these that make us second guess the plan, promise and purpose we have set out to accomplish.

    At the brink of giving up, here comes our Cheerleader who motivates, inspires and reminds us of the gift, business and the promise that we must complete and share with the world.  We are thankful for our cheerleaders for believing in us, when we may at times struggle to see the potential in ourselves.  We thank God for the Cheerleaders, Friend & Confidants in our lives.

    - Your Friend & Success Partner, Sheria

    Laugh. Play. Thrive. SOAR!

  • 07 Sep 2019 7:52 PM | She Soars (Administrator)
    At She Soars we believe in balanced priorities. We are determined to fulfill our dreams of growing our businesses or turning a hobby into another revenue stream.  While we are Building A Lasting Legacy and pressing toward our goals, we must always remember as we work hard to PLAY HARD.  

    So...let loose, have some fun... go ahead, Eat Dessert First...you earned it and most importantly you deserve it.

    Laugh. Play. Thrive. SOAR!

  • 27 Sep 2015 10:00 PM | She Soars (Administrator)

    Your Window of Opportunity...Is Now! 

    On tonight (Sunday, September 27, 2015), I gaze at the sky with great expectation and excitement over that fact that I get to witness with my own eyes the beautiful and majestic Supermoon Eclipse.  Just an hour ago it was a full moon...now at 10:00 pm it is less than a quarter moon.  I learned that this lunar combination is happening for the first time in 30 years.  Can you believe it? 30 years.  This is amazing; everyone should be witnessing this. I also understand that life happens and there will be many of us who miss it.  The next supermoon eclipse will not occur again until the year 2033.  

    When a window of opportunity opens up, we have to jump on it immediately. Why? Because it is time sensitive, the opportunity will not always be around and just as quickly as it comes...it goes.

    Do not procrastinate any longer on that idea, dream, business, project, vacation or whatever you have set out to do.  

    The Window of Opportunity is open to you.

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