Your Success: It’s all in the follow-up

13 Dec 2019 8:22 PM | She Soars (Administrator)

Not returning a phone call, responding to an email or missing an appointment is a sure way to lose business, clients, funding or lucrative opportunities.  Everything that we do is about the relationship…building trust and mutual respect.  

Doing the things we say we are going to do…when we say we are going to do them.  Our words and promises are worth more than our money.  Others want to know that they can depend on us and in the end; they will receive a product or service of substance.

Show me a successful person and you will find someone who:

  •     Value and respect their prospects and clients
  •     Deliver as promise
  •     Follow-up, Follow-up & Follow-up

Follow-up…It’s that simple.  Just curious, do you have any stories where “the follow-up” enhanced your customer/buying experience or where the lack of “follow-up” resulted in a deal breaker?

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