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Where lives are empowered and great friendships are created!

She Soars is one of the fastest growing professional and entrepreneurial connections; catering to the demands, needs and desires of Today's woman.

She Soars focuses on the total woman providing her with a since of personal, professional and spiritual growth. By:
  1. Developing opportunities that would allow her to create additional revenue streams by fulfilling her dreams of owning her own business or turning an idea or hobby into an income generator. (Experience - The Pearlfriend Connection!)
  2. Enlarging her professional network and brand, while cultivating and creating new friendships.  (Explore - Project SSSK (pronounced Seek) She Soars Sister's Keepers)
  3. Celebrating her hard work by launching Soaring Events and Complimentary Vacations that would allow her to laugh, play, have fun and unwind. (Enjoy - She Soars Complimentary Hotel "Fun-Cations" - our annual gift to you for becoming Pearlfriend)
  4. Providing access to food for her soul that will motivate and inspire her to keep what's important in perspective, allowing her to remain grounded and focused on the plan, promise and purpose in her life (Join Freshwater Pearlfriends Community)
  5. Giving back to the next SSAY! generation (Inspire She Soars Above Youth).
  6. Becoming a part of something greater and Cast Your Pearls on an Extraordinary Caregiver or Cancer Hero. 

Results: She Laughs. She Plays. She Thrives. She Soars!
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