Testimonials from SSAY!

Respecting Yourself and Others
“I was raised by the three R’s. My grandma kept them on her wall. Respect yourself, respect others and respect your space. Respect has the biggest meaning when we love ourselves then we can respect others and others will respect in return.
— Shavonna W. (Age 14)

Making Right Choices
Making the right choices is very important because every decision you make leads to consequences and have results that will affect you negatively or positively. Some people don’t think about the decision that they make which may leads them into situations that they later regret. My goal is to live life intentionally.
— Brandi D. (Age 14)

She Soars! Thanks for coming to our facility. I liked the sessions and the respect everyone had for each other. I like the games we played.
— Rosemary G.

I learned to be patient and how to be a team player. It is so much fun.
— Laitah A.

She Soars has help me learn the character of a true friend. She Soars help me explore topics about life, family and friendships.
— Laruen O (Age 17)

She Soars creates an environment that allows me to express how I feel about situations that bothers me. I didn’t know that I had so much in common with the other girls that participated in the group.
— Valencia C

Participating at She Soars make you feel good about yourself. They make you feel as if they care.
— Stephaine M.

I learned to unite with others and respect each other. She Soars taught me how to set limits and evaluate my perspectives.
— Niasia A.

I am Somebody
I am somebody because God loves me and He loves me for whom I am and not for what I can be for others. I am somebody because God doesn’t make junk. I am here for a purpose otherwise I would not have been born, therefore, I am somebody. I am somebody because God has sent people into my life to help me understand that I am somebody and I am loved.
— Lileanna O. (Age 16)

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