Soaring Workshops

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: 8-Week Program
Examines cultural messages and personal beliefs that influence body image.

Celebrating My Individuality / Real Talk: Staying True to Myself: 8-Week Program
Explores topics such as celebrating individuality, diversity, getting along with others, and addresses goals, conflict styles, feeling good about ourselves, and taking time to relax.

Inner Champion vs Inner Critic: 12-Week Program
This excellent prevention program addresses alcohol, tobacco, and drug decision-making as well as healthy sexuality, promoting abstinence and/or reduction to high-risk behaviors by exploring the realities of risk and the power of self-care.

I Am:  8-Week Program
Works with girls to examine identity, assertiveness skills, and goal setting through role-play and relationship to music, and more.

My Life Map: What’s at the end of the Road: 12-Week Program
A skills-building support circle for use with at-risk or court- involved girls. Examines thoughts, beliefs, and actions about friendships, trust, authority figures, mother/daughter relationships, sexuality, dating violence, HIV, drug abuse, stress and goal-setting.

Girlfriends or GirlFights: 10-Week Program
Enhances girls' awareness of their relationships with themselves and others. Themes include "Expressing Myself," "Accepting Different Parts of Myself," and "Giving Voice to Feelings,” “Romantic Relationships,” “Girlfights or Girlfriends,” and are complimented such as journaling, role-play, sculpting, and more. Highly engaging for teen girls.

Friendship:  8-Week Program
Groundbreaking kit those shores girls up with strong interpersonal skills and knocks down the barriers to pride, confidence, and empathy. Confronts exclusion, intolerance, and feuding.

Being A Girl: 8-Week Program
Introduces girls to the positive experience of a support circle addressing topics such as "Growing Up Female," "Growth and Self-Care," and "Female Role Models."

***1 & 2 day Workshops also available on above topics*** ***See brochure for workshop description***

PigLatin: 6-Week Program
  • Learn the fun underground language of Pig Latin!
  • Speak, text and write notes to your friends that no one else can decipher
  • Girls will learn concept and speak during the first day of class.
  • Will be completely fluent at the end of the workshop.
SSAY! - Flashmob Praise Dance: 8+ weeks
  • Building confidence and joy through the element of surprise
  • Positive thinking and intentional living are reinforced through song selection
  • Surprise performance conducted at the end of the workshop

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